Affordable, discreet cable for surround speakers

It is hard to surpass the collective genius of this group and its experience ... so yet again I turn to you for direction on the path to audio nirvana.

The SAF is about run dry on seeing my exposed cables running to the rear surround speakers. I have been using some inexpensive silver-coated copper cables from Home Depot (yes ... yes ... I hear your wailing, but barely because of my own sniffling). But if I'm going to take the time to bury cable under the carpeting, and fish it through the walls, I'm not going to work that hard with THAT cable.

So, the question is, with a limited budget, what small-sized speaker cable would you recommend for the surround speakers? I assume shielding is important to ward off the stray currents lurking in the walls, but for this application, thin is in.

System details: I'm using Nordost Blue Heaven ver2 for the front and center channel speakers. ICs are all Leider silver cables, made by Jaap Gunter (formerly chief designer for Siltech). All 6 speakers (including sub) are Snell. Power is provided by a Sony ES home theater receiver, with the main channels pre-outed to a Plinius 1800II. Power to the sub is provided by a HSU 500 watt sub amp. Thus, the Sony ES powers only the center channel and surround speakers. Power cables are largely generic; power filtered by an API Powerwedge 1600 ver2.

Although the Blue Heaven speaker cables are fast silver-coated OFC, I doubt I need to perfectly match that speed with the surround speakers -- there's a built-in delay running to them in the first place, and if the millisecond or two makes a difference, I could always fix it by "telling" the home theater receiver that the rear speakers are further away than they really are.

I need 100' non-terminated. Thank you kindly for your suggestions. And the winners are ....?
Here's a start.......:
I use Nordost Cinepro for my 4 surrounds. It's small silver plated copper and usually comes in bulk. I think I paid about $2 a foot. If you're going through walls, it's a bit stiffer than many other cables so it might be just what you're looking for. Good Luck.