AES AE-3 Tube Pre-amp Anybody hear one?

I am considering this kit/pre-amp and was interested to see if anyone has any experience with it from the standpoint of sound quality. I have read that it is very similiar to Cary's SPL-98.
I am building one for my son. I will let you know. It uses the same tubes as the SLP-98 but with a smaller PS. I heard from several others that it is a very good sounding pre. Make sure you get the shunt volume enhancement. It makes a big improvement in sound according to Cary. mike
I just completed mine.and wow what a deal . Not as easey as they say it is to put together.But that could be because it is my first.Kirk at AES was very helpful Can't understand why anyone would not get the upgrades for the price.Can't say enough good about the product.It is only as good as the amp you put it with.
We just became one of only two dealers in the U.S. outside the factory. Assembled form only. I have been tube rolling in the Super Amp. Dennis Had was here for a while last week and we just laughed at how good the sound of this $599 preamp is with $18,000 speakers Avantgardes hooked up to it. It fills a real niche for us, and unit that has texture and a real tube sound that also posseses bandwidth for little money. The only problem has been getting one. Apparently they cannot built them fast enough. One last thing. I have rolled a lot of tubes into the amp, and some into the preamp. They are so accepting. Stuff I could never out into some products work so well. This is great as it means that they are not running the heck out of the tubes.
I have had mine for months. For my system, it is top notch. It provides the clarity and flexibility in tube rolling that I was looking for, and I looked a long time. I consider it my best buy!!