Aerial Acoustic's CC3B

Hi all,
How effective is the "environment switch" of the CC3B? I'd like to demo a CC3B but would like first hand experiences from owners first.

My mains are Dali Euphonia MS4s and I recently bought the matching center, CS4. I don't listen to 5ch audio so center is strictly for HT. The CS4 is on top of my RPTV. It's huge and I have some concerns about the weight, and room behind the speaker. I was wondering if it might be more practical, save some $$ and go with the CC3B, which doesn't necessarily mean a downgrade, sonically.

Thanks in advance.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I went from a Thiel MCS1 to an AA-CC3B and heard a noticable difference. The Thiel being more Dynamic, among other things. I clearly felt the CC3B was inferior but having just changed over to Aerial I wanted a matching center.

Later I upgraded to their CC5 and my system came back to life. Adding two SW-12's didn't hurt either :^)

I would recommend the cc-3b to someone with a small or medium sized system. It really is a nice sounding speaker but just couldn't keep up with my LR-5's
Jose,why do you want to change your center channel?Is it because is not up your expectation? remember me? I was trying to get the euphonia and sale my martin logans?should I still keep wanting them,or there is something you regret?

Hi Armando,
I don't regret buying the CS4 at all. I was just wondering if it would make more sense for me to have a smaller center. My room is not that big (14x20) and if I can save $$$ with the smaller aerial....
The CC3b does have a reputation as one of the best.

There's been much written about the importance of the center matching the mains for HT, but since it's on a different plane, even when tilted, it's never going to sound the same, in my experience.

Anyway, I'm probably going to keep the CS4. It's unbelievably clean and neutral. The looks don't hurt either.

Are you still looking to buy the Euphonias?

yeah, but,I also was looking at aerial.B&W, what do you think in your experience?

Never auditioned Aerials and I'm not a big fan of B&W. IMO you really can't go wrong with the Dali.
we'll see