Advise best biwire cable for System Audio Rangers

Current system that is in use is:
Cary CAD 500 mono
Cary CD 303/300
EAR 868 preamplifer
Pure Power APS 2000 Power conditioner
Speaker: Systerm Audio Rangers

I am interested in maximizing the speakers potential so I can hear all vocals, instruments. Good bottom end, good imaging, sound stage and low level resolution are also important.

The best cable on the market today is Mosaic but there are other good ones as well such as FMS. You have some flexibility because your system is warm. If you want a little "sparkle" to the sound you could look at Synergistic or Audioquest.

Mosaic is manufactured by Intuitive Design and known for their speakers and electronics. The cables use carbon nanotube arrays.

I work for a dealer that sells them but if you call the company they can tell you where the closest dealer is.
The best cable on the market today is Mosaic

Really? The best cable on the market? How did you come to this conclusion? Oh yeah,you work for a dealer that sells them.
Yes I do and I have listened to 75% of the cables on the market. I make this statement because of the degree in which the cables beat other "legends".

These cables are a radical difference in design musch like Hill Plasma drivers, David Berning Hybrids, Futtermann OTL amps, and Warfedale's invention of the crossover.

You can't hear the difference having a 3 ft. cable on the left speaker and a 25 ft, cable on the right.

The phase is so perfect that you can hear the curve to a singers face. It is scary!
i have the System Audio Explorers with nordost red dawn bi wire cables with great sucess.Hard to find good wiring but noticed these cables used at numerious audio stores with great with varoious equipment.Do you have the new Ranger Masters??? As a side note these speakers are already wired internally with Nordost wires hope this helps