advice on Amp

Last summer I've picked believe or not brand new JBL L 100t3
speakers in Germany and I'm looking for a nice Integrated
Amplifier. So far I'm using Rotel Pre/Amp, not bad but I was
thinking to go with some nice Amplifier. Any opinions on
Plinius 9100, Yamaha A-S2000. I've auditioned Luxman L505
but I was not impressed with the sound.
Thanks in advance for yours opinions.
If you are interested in the 9100 why not step up to the 9200 which is higher quality. Sonically it is smooth with nice shimmer on top and powerful. Maybe just a little bit lean.
I just moved into central Austin and downsized..
Sold a Macintosh MA-6300 and bought the Yamaha A-S2000. Very open and musical amp. Don't miss the Mac one bit..
Hi Kiza, I own JBL speakers my self, I would look on E-bay or here on audiogon for a Krell 300I intergrated amp used, 150 watts per channel and is in my opinion, the very best intergrated for the money on the used market, you will love the sound of this amp!, cheers.
Marantz PM-15S2b.
I would seriously re-think any decision to buy a Krell 300I.
Very grainy on the top end. Their separates are a different story though..
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