Advice for upgrading my current amp.

one pair of Martin logan vantage speakers were driven by 25 yrs old SAE 2600 series amp,with pream by Nakamichi CA-5; not to pleased with the sound. Plan to switch to MacIntosh either MA2275 or MA 7000 with current pream or better. Please give advice, other integrated tube, SS or hybrid amp. Budget about$7500 to $10k,also would like to add good CD player too. Many thanks for your expert advice.
CCChung, at $7.5K to $10K there are many very good integrated amps. I am particularly fond of the Jeff Rowland Continuum 500. It is one of the most sophisticated implementations of ICEpower 1000 ASP technology on the market. Very refined sound, because the front end is prefixed by a very sophisticated current rectification circuit that uses active power factor correction (P)FC). Loads of authority also, because the output contains banks of bulk capacitors to enhance dynamics. I do like the JRDG sound because it is extended and linear but with a lot of grace. But it is not for everyone. . . it is neither solid state like, nor it is tube like. The Continuum 500 seems to be listing at $8800, but given the economy, you might be able to find it for a little less.

A combination that I think works extremely well is also the Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk.2 monoblocks with the JRDG Capri preamplifier. See my review of the Bel Canto monos on the May-June issue of Positive Feedback:
The Capri uses the same linestage circuit of the Continuum 500. The Ref 1000 + Capri combination seems to be listing for the same amount as the Continuum 500.

Agree with Guido, the ICE-based amps are worth a listen. I have a pair of Audio Magic Model 250 ICE-based amps and love them. To put it onto perspective, I currently also own a John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B SET amp and two custom chip amps from Stan Warren.

I can tell you that my AM Model 250 ICE-based amps blend some of the outstanding qualities of my SET amp and traditional SS amps. A very big factor with ICE-based amps, like most audio equipment, relies on correct implementation and addressing the critical areas.

If I had to choose today, which of all my amps to keep, it would be my Audio Magic ICE-based amps.
I'll drink to that VMAN! I use a Rowland 312 stereo amp as my reference, which is also based on the ICEpower 1000 ASP module, and couldn't be happier.