Adjusting output voltage on CAL Alpha ?

I have a CAL and am running it into my Modulus 3A preamp. According to Audible Illusions the CAL runs around 4 volts of output which is high. The bottom line is the volume controls on the Modulus with their stepped control do too big of volume changes per click and the one solution would be to lower the output of the cd player. The Alpha doesnt have any external trim pot to do that. Does anyone know if I can adjust that internally? If not, what would I need to add to the circuit to lower the output voltage?
The answer to your question is yes, the output can be adjusted internally. The Alpha comes with various resistors that you can use to replace two of the resistors in the DAC to provide outputs of 2v or 1v I believe. I can look up the exact resistor location and substitution values if you'd like to know more.