Adcom GFA-5802 -vs- Parasound HCA-3500 Amps?

More opinions please:
Has anyone out there owned both the Adcom GFA-5802 300 watts per channel power amp and the Parasound HCA-3500 350 watts per channel power amp?
If so, how do they compare sonically head-to-head?
What are the sonic advantages and disadvantages of each when compared to one another?
Thanks in advance.
Parasound amps are not the most durable ones - they tend to break down quite a bit.

I would look at either Acurus or higher Aragon as mentioned above.
Liquid-smooth..."Parasound amps tend to break down quite a bit" completely false..having owned two Parasound amps
and three Parsound Preamps during the past 23 year's I found their gear to be the most reliable and stable high end budget components on the market. Parasound has a long standing reputation for ruggedness and reliability. Their amps are very DURABLE and have a unmatched reputation for
consistent quality over the years.
Plus 1 on the reliability of Parasound. I sold and installed Parasound into hundreds of jobs and it was extremely rare to have any kind of problems.
Reviving. The hca 3500 had 120 amperes peak per channel. Anyone know this value on the 5800? Using a 5800 on my 3.6 which drop to 2.4 ohms