Acoustic Zen VS Definitve Speakers

Anyone out there who has gone from definitive speakers to the Acoustic Zen.

I am currently running

the BP7001sc fronts
CLR3000 centre
BPVx/VP powered sub surrounds

I am thinking of

the Adagio for the fronts.
Adagio Junior for the center and surrounds.

Will this be a good upgrade sonically?

If you're using the Definitive Technology speakers for your home theater and not your stereo, leave them there and spend the extra money on your stereo. The Definitive Tech. speakers are really good for what they do in a home theater.

Yes I do use the definitive speakers for home theater.

I was looking at a possible upgrade to the definitive's.

The place I bought them from suggested the Acoustic Zen, but
the sales person is more into stereo, and has a pair of the Zen's.

Chuck, I see you have have a Power Wing.
Have you been able to compare it with a Hydra 8.

No, I did not directly. However, 'Calloway' did and chose the Power Wing and recommended it to me to audition.

I've also talked to fellow members who chose the Power Wing over the PSA Power Plant Premier, even a modded one, and as well, an Exact Power EP-15A, even a modded one.

You can audition one at no risk to see how it works in your system. Call Alan at He's really nice and very, very knowledgeable and helpful.

dynamics on the powered defs are really good for HT and heavy dynamic source material. Unless the AZ's are active/powered, or super high efficiency, they're not gunna hang with your Def's for slam factor, that is certain - especially if you run a receiver system.
I like the Def's with smooth sounding gear mostly, especially tubes, to be tricky.

You say you like the Def's with tube gear. Which gear do you like.

I currently run a Integra DTC 9.8 with an Anthem A5 amp.
i have only listened briefly on the def tech stuff, but own a pair of the adagios. i agree, if you think you want music only system, and have the space for two setups, get the adagios. they have a great sound and for prices at or near 2k used, are a true bargain. for movies and dual use, just keep the def tech system. the adagios are a special speaker in this price range. beautiful in the burl wood.