Acoustic Zen Silver Reference IC

I recently acquired an Acoustic Zen Silver Reference balanced interconnect, (Acoustic Zen was formed by cable designer Robert Lee who used to be the designer of Harmonic Tech.)since I always wanted to try out new interconnects anyway.

I initially expected this cables to be just another cable since I have Nordost Quattro Fil as a reference on my all solid state system (EMC1,Krell KRC3 and FPB200,Thiel CS3.6). Much to my surprise without even breaking it in as I placed it on my system the sound just change to the best sound I heard coming from my speakers. I was shaking my head as this is really happening without the quattro fil in line. I'm not the best guy to write about audiophile sound but I can tell you that this cable just blew the all other cables I had in my system. This cable simply brought my system to another level. Resolution and transparancy increased three fold allowing details to emanate from the music naturally w/o being analytic, or "in your face". Anybody looking for a new cable, this one really is worth an audition.

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Acoustic Zen now offers two interconnects, the Matrix Reference and the Silver Reference, 498.00 and 898.00. I would compare either one to anything on the market, they are that good, and the same goes for all of their other cables. And yes I'm a dealer for their products, I not only recommend them I use them in my system.