Acoustic Zen Silver Ref vs. Kimber Select 1030

Has anyone compared Acoustic Zen Silver Ref with Kimber Select 1030? I am interested in hearing about other's experiences. Thanks!
I have not done a comparison with the Kimber but have replaced my Wireworld Gold Eclipse III inteconnects with the AZ Silver Reference. The AZ cable seemed much more alive and brought images into focus better than with the Wireworld in my system. These are very good cables and worth checking out.
Dmailer, thanks for your reply. In fact, I am using AZ Matrix reference IC between Krell 300i integrated amp and Sony 777ES. I am also using AZ Hologram biwire for B&W N805. AZ Matrix Reference replaced Transparent Music Super XL version. Compared with Transparent which is very lifeless and flat, AZ matrix wrought substantial differences in my system. Music takes on three-dimensionality, layering, and precise imaging. I can feel or see through a venue where music is being played. So, I am completely satified with the matrix. The reason why I posted this question is that I coud use more air, openness, and transparency. I am not saying that the Matrix is not airy, open, or transparent. It is very good in those aspects, but I could push a little further. I have not tried AZ silver which appears to be as great as Matrix. I heard great things about KS-1030 as well. I might try one or the other in the future.

Did it take a long time to break in AZ Silver reference in your case?
I purchased the AZ silver reference used so they were already broken in. I have not heard the matrix but my wireworld were very open transparent cables and I felt in my system the silver reference bested them in that department.

I have all three AZ interconnects (Silver Refs, Matrix Refs and WOWs). The Silver References are definatley better than the Matrix. They have a tighter, better defined bottom end. The other differences are exactly what you say you're looking for, air, openness, and transparency, although the I prefer the midrange of the Matrix refs slightly to the Silver Refs. The Silver refs are definately more detailed, in a nice way. Sounds like you should give it a try. BTW - Yes, it takes a while to break in the Silver Refs, I didn't time it but it was longer than I was expecting.
The most recent Silver Ref IC's have improvements and older ones can be updated. Silver Ref. that are more than two months old are probably not upgraded. Keep that in mind when looking at used cables.

The upgrade is very worthwhile, and if you are considering new cables the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference would be hard to beat at any price. They do take a long time to settle in, but they will be in my system for a long, long time.
Eagle, thanks for the upgrade tip, I called them this morning and they said the upgrade was $75 a set plus shipping. How does the upgrade imrpve on the original? (I have a set of the new style but they are breaking in yet, so the only noticeable difference is the plastice sleeves on the cable ends.)
Eagle, how do you tell the new version AZ silver reference from the older version?
Dmailer and Gpalmer,
There is no way that I know to tell the difference between the new Silver Ref. and old version from looking at the cable exterior. That is what I asked before sending mine in and they determined by age if they were upgraded or not. The newest pair was purchased since CES and it wasn't even the latest version.

The clear shrink tubing over the silver/gray was a previous change from the original version which they still use on the latest production, as far as I know.

I think the cable is more balanced with enhanced midrange and bass performance since the upgrade. It did not take nearly as long for them to settle in after the upgrade, but you should give new ones 100-200 hours. They may continue to improve with even more time. If you call and talk to Robert, ask about his results when comparing the newest Silver Ref. to Valhalla.
Thanks, Eagle, can't tell you how much I appreciate the information, those changes sound like just the ticket, mine are going back for an upgrade!

Thank you all (Eagle, Gpalmer, and Dmailer) for your informative responses. After I posted my question, I got a hold of a pair of AZ Silver Ref. from a seller on AA. The seller claims that the one that I purchased is the lastest version. I will double check with the seller about the information. I will try the cable and let it break-in for a while to see if it will bring a kind of improvement that I like to hear. I will report back for sure esp. comparison between Matrix and Silver ref. Thank you again!
Could you give us an update on your experiences, Jwmin?
Also,GPalmer,some feedback on the sound of you're new Silver references.
Regarding the original thread, I would like to know if anyone has tried the kimber 1130 or 1121 IC's and compared these cables to AZ silver ref.