Acoustic Zen Action.

I'm looking for opinions on the action line of AZ. The Action 5 to be specific. I'm using Wireworld rainbow now between My Denon 2900 and the Anthem avm 30 for HI Rez disks. How does one compare to the other? I'll be adding a dac soon for two channel but I do want to bump up SACD's.
Coach, I have been a fan of Mr. Robert Lee's wires, owner and designer of Acoustic Zen, for the last five years. His products offer a great cost/performance ratio, are wonderfully built, and have a great balance between "musicality" and details/clarity.

I have his latest series called the Absolute and find them to be a world class reference in my system.

I recommend you audition them in your system because like everything else in high end audio, personnal taste and system synergy come into play regarding what works for you in your system.