Acoustat Tech/Designer-Heres Real Help

For all of the Many Acoustat owners here is a real find. Roy Esposito was at Acoustat from during its heyday.Now he has opened his own shop. Trust me on this Roy has forgotton more on Acoustat,than most will ever remember.So if you need help here it is. "Sounds Like New" 561-736-0041. Monday thru Friday 9:30 A.M. thru 5:30 P.M. EST. He also works on a wide variety of high end equipment as well.
Yep I can second that. When it comes to Acoustat and high end. Roy knows his electronics.Just superb work.
Thanks Ferrari, I am the proud owner of some mint Acoustat 8's, driven by some highly modified Acoustat Servo X tube amps, and supplemented with a Velodyne sub. I will call Roy pronto for any upgrades or suggestions he can recommend. Best regards, Ed.