Klipsch Heresy IV or Pi 3 with Primaluna Dialogue Premium?

Good Day, 

Primaluna dialogue premium amp and Velodyne sub. I am hoping to move toward the open sound based on a system I used to have including a DynaKit Stereo 70 and large Altec dual 12" /horn-based speakers from the 60's. My daughter has that system now. The Altec's are far too large for the house my wife and l live in here in Hawaii. Maybe it's the sound of the horns or the tubes and horns I enjoy so much. I heard my old system over the holidays and decided I needed to move in that direction.
I don't yet own the Primaluna, but it has good reviews and generally available on the used market...which is where I will need to turn. Am also open to other potential amps to pair with some different speakers and my sub. My budget is not large, 5k-6k for amp and speakers...hence the used market.
Thanks in advance for all your thoughts and sorry if there is a similar thread on this already, couldn't seem to find one.



I guess I can chime in. I have played my Heresy IIIs with my PrimaLuna integrated and a Velodyne sub. The PrimaLuna is a fine choice and can run a lot of different loudspeakers. No problem there. However, the Heresys are a pretty neutral and flat sounding loudspeaker. Not a lot of bounce or excitement. Not sure where to point you but a used pair of Klipsch LaScalas maybe?