Accuphase T-100 antenna update: I am very happy

First, thanks again to those of you who offered helpful suggestions when I requested insights into choosing an indoor antenna for my newly acquired Accuphase T-100. I fully appreciate that no indoor antenna can compete with a good outdoor model, but the latter is out of the question in my case.

My initial effort came to a rather worrying conclusion. I tested the tuner with one of the simple ($3.00) dipoles which, from what I understand, should work reasonably well when there are strong signals around. I live on Long Island, not far from NYC, and while I expected multipath issues, I did not expect such a reputedly fine tuner to be unable to bring in a single stereo signal during this initial test! So I was a bit concerned that something might have happened to the tuner during shipping, etc., as it had recently been aligned by the previous owner.

As I am an optimist, though, I decided to forge ahead. After considering the thoughtful suggestions I had received, and weighing them against the research I had done, I purchased a Godar Model 1 antenna. Mike (Godar) was helpful on the phone and easy to deal with. I received the antenna yesterday, and could not be more impressed. I am now receiving very strong signals from every one of the local stations which interest me, and beginning to appreciate why the T-100 has such an exalted reputation.

I have used a good whip antenna (albeit with a different tuner in a different area), and these early results suggest to me that Godar's unit is better. The two telescoping antennae allow fine calibrating in order to receive the best signal for specific stations. The unit also provides the option of either 75 ohm coaxial connection (which I am using) or 300 ohm connection with the included adapters.

I know, as most of you do, that the performance of individual components can vary tremendously depending on the associated components, etc. However, given what I have read of others' experiences with the Godar antennas, coupled with my early impressions, I feel comfortable recommending them strongly to anyone who requires a fine indoor antenna.

Tony C.

Hi Tony,

I'm glad to hear you've had success with the new antenna. Which Godar model are you using? I had some pretty severe multipath issues in my office located in the basement of my house so I bought a Godar FM-1A. No matter how I positioned the antenna I could not receive a signal. I ended up installing a whip antenna on the roof, solved my problem. Certainly would have been easier if I could have found a indoor antenna that worked well.

Regards, Jeff (artist formerly known as jeffloistar)

After having spoken with Mike, I went with the Model 1 which, superficially, appears to be suited to television rather than FM. I learned, however, that it is essentially the same unit as the 1-A which you purchased, but with the added advantage of having the two antennae which can be clearly be very useful in areas with multipath issues.

I don't know if those antennae would have solved your problem or not (or whether the Model 1-A would have worked well for me), but I suspect that your outdoor antenna (initial hassle noted) will provide you with better reception in any case.

I would recommend to those reading these posts that they consider the Model 1, even though the Godar website implies that it is designed for TV use.

Tony C.