Accuphase E-450 or Accuphase E-550

My speakers are Focal Electra 936 and I am using them with Accuphase E-213 in a room 19*22*9. and I feel I need more power than the 213 has.
I like to listen mostly to Rock and Folk.
Which amp. will be the better route: the E-450 or the E-550?
Will I get a substantial improvement over the 213 in bort amps?
I can not audition those amps.
Since I like the Accuphase 213, I think the best thing is to stick with Accuphase.
Do both amps will have enough power for the Focal Utopia Series(hope to upgrade in the futue) .
Your opinion please.
I don't know about the speakers you are using. I am assuming they are 8 ohm. I am not sure if I can be of help.

I am using the Accuphase E-408 powering my totem Winds which are 4 ohms. My room is 18 x 25 x 8+ and I have much more power than I can use. I demoed the E213 and it was at its limits for my needs. Depending on the efficiency of your speakers will make the difference.

I have found the class A amps from Accuphase like the E550 to be seriously underrated with abundant power to drive anything with some of the best sound in solid state the AB amps like the E450 are not as clean at higher power levels but are still amazing and equally as good at lower levels.

I find that with my totems most of the time I am very comfortable running between 3-30 watts it is very seldom I need to bring up the volume above that. Rated at 350 watts at 4 ohms I have far more power than I need. I can only assume either amp will power most anything adequately in your room size.

i hope this is of some help.
Thank you.
My Speakers are 8 Ohms, but drops to 3.2 Ohms at low frequency.
Did you find the 408 much better than the 213, other than the extra power?
Honestly the 408 is a better unit it has slightly faster deeper bass and overall sound is improved but it is more of a subtle change than dramatic one.

Either the 450 or 550 should be an improvement over the 408 and 213.
Do you think the 450 is significantly better than the 408?

You make me think again if the large extra cost for the 450 or 550 is justifying the replacement of the 213...
the E450 and the E550 are both better than the E408, E213.
In terms of how much better ? its hard to quantify as the E408 is no slouch, the E213 is no slouch either.
the E550 is purer, more detailed than the E450. the E550 is also more transparent but the e450 is more fuller sounding than the E550.
With your JM lab either the E550 or the E450 can drive them easily. Its just now a matter of preference.
Either way, you can't go wrong!

I have spent a few good hours comparing the E-408, E-450 and E-550 integrated amplifiers in the same room with the same speakers. You can read my opinions on this matter in the thread "Accuphase or Musical fidelity for Focal Micro Be" (the link below).
thank you NVP