Accuphase DP80L/DC81L

How can I improve transparency of this DUO cd transport /converter? What are the best cabling to use with these?
You could purchase a later model of an Accuphase dac.
I had the earlier, DP80 transport. That was one of the best transport I ever heard. None the less, a friend of mine, a D.I.Y guy, checked it once, and proposed to change some of the things inside (i think op amps) as they begun to dry up. After changing these thing, it became a better sounding unit. So, you also may want to check what is inside. Also, the usual mods both at the transport and at the dac may also enhance the performance of the combo.
I thought purchasing an Accuphase and was told by a major modder that thier transports aren't a good platform for mods because they're packed so tightly with parts.
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