Accuphase c3850 VS Cat SL1 Pre

I was wondering everyone’s opinion on the two preamps. I don’t want which one to buy. Are there any cons for each preamps? Which one is better? Which one should I buy? 

Thanks to all!
If you get the Cat SL1, make sure it has the 6922 driver tube instead of the 12AU7. Those would be from the models SL1 Signature Mk III and up to the present day.

Caveat: the older Cat preamps do not have a high/low gain setting and their 25 dB of gain means playing music with the volume control between the "nine" and "noon" position for normal listening levels.

i assume  you mean a current CAT SL1  Renaissance or Legend preamp and not a older 15yr  old model?

i've heard their current CAT SL1 Renaissance "BPX"  preamp and the CAT JL5  on Magico S5  MKII  and it was a great combo.had plenty of drive and resolution, their current stuff  is superb!  imho

Not even in the same league!