Acapella Fidello II Monitors

I have a heavy weight system. CAT amp and pre-amp (with phono), VPI HRX turntable with ALL the latest upgrades and a Lyra Titan cartridge. Transparent cables, ultra and reference level. Now I live in a high-rise and had to let go my loved Hales T-8's. The full range of them just about put me out of my building. So I bought the Acapella Monitors sensing a speaker company that builds $300,000 plus speakers and charges in excess of 9K for the 12" high monitors can not be producing junk. So my qustion is: How good are these monitors?
They arrived. Just right. Soundstage, Seperation, Sensativity. Smooth as silk. Just what the doctor ordered in my high-rise. And their stunning.
Glad to hear.If you ever change try Merlin VSM-MM's.Just perfect for condo's also,good luck,Bob