AC power unit for under 300?

I would like to get a power center to plug my simple two cannel system into that has sequential turn on/off..that at least doesn't screw up the sound...suggestions?
Blue Circle recently came out with a basic strip with equivalent of two of their highly regarded power pillows inside... retails for $300 and worth exploring..
I would sell you my Junson Magic2 conditioner. It has 2 duplexes isolated from each other giving 4 outlets all together. It also has 4 Australian outlet but they are for the Australians.
Iwould sell you this with it' origional box and with warranty papers manual etc.It is about a month old so it is still almost new but definately mint.I wsould ask $250 pluds you pay the shipping. This may not neccessarily be your best choice, it's a matter of personal tast , system synergy... It has an on off swith only. No bells and whistles. It's pretty good but
I am looking to upgradce to thde bigger Jungson conditioner which is quite a bit miore expensive.
Good luck on whatever you decide.
On a non sales pitch note if you could get a deal on a Hydra 4 you would be doing well but
they sell used for around $500ish.Thatwould be my reccommendation if i weren't trying to sell you my Jungson buut the Jungson is decent for $250 (NEGOTIABLE)
If you just want a Fancy power bar4 then there2 are lots for sale on audiogon,