Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD

Hi All.

Putting together a reference level system.
My Source is predominantly standard 16/44 played from a MacMini using iTunes and Amarra. Some of my music is purchased from iTunes and the rest is ripped from standard CD's.
For my tastes in music, my high def catalogues are still limited; so Redbook 16/44 will be my primary source for quite some time.

I'm not spending DCS or MSB money. But $15-20k retail is not out of the question.

Upsampling vs non-upsampling?
USB input vs SPDIF?

All opinions welcome.

And I know I need to hear them, but getting these ultra $$$ DAC's into your house for an audition ain't easy.

Looking for musical, emotional, engaging, accurate , with great dimension. Not looking for analytical and sterile.
Regarding the Chord DAVE, it is reported to be exceptional with PCM possibly even setting a new standard regarding its natural recovery of depth and decay. However its performance level with DSD is not at the same level, and to maximize its sound quality requires a reboot of the DAC which takes about 20 seconds. So playlists with a combination of PCM and DSD files are not well suited to optimal playback with the DAVE DAC. For users with all PCM files it may be the ultimate DAC solution.
Ketch, I wasn't able to send a PM.  Didn't see how. Matt is sending my phone and email. Thanks. Looking forward.

I've heard the DCS stacks a few times in various systems.  They were very very good. I liked the Trinity a lot when I've heard it.  Better than the Berk Ref for me by a fair amount, but the system I heard it in was exceptional and set up properly in a great room.  Heard DAVE in the city and it was good, but I hated the speakers (over 100k I think) and that ruined it, but I could tell the DAC was very good and a top contender.  Can't wait for the AyreQX5/twenty, but that's still only their mid level so I'll take that into consideration.  I'm expecting a lot, but I can't see it in the same ball park as the OSDX.  I should have just kept the OSDE and begged Steve to do the upgrade for me, lol.  Didnt' think he would.  Live and learn.
Actually mtruong, it's ODSX.  That's the name of Steve's newest DAC.  Yes, I transposed two of the letters.  sorry about that.