Absolute Speaker Cables

Hi! I a new person here on Audiogon and I just heard how great the Absolute Power Cord was!! It's like getting something for nothing! Everyone is talking about it! It is Absolutely revolutionary!!

What is even more Absolutely amazing is apparently this is the very same company from Sweeden that makes the famous Absolute Vodka. I have some right here... It's great!

So.... now I'm wondering if they are planning to come out with other products like some speaker cables. I have been in the market for something under $50.00 to replace the Kimber Black Perl Shotgun -- Tri-Wire Speaker Cables I use now.

If anyone has any information about Absolute's plans for the future, can you please let me know? I think it would
be great if they came out with some speakers too.. I've been looking for a way to upgrade my One Million Dollar Kharma speakers (www.kharma.com) but silly me, I was looking for speakers that costed Two Million and they just don't have many available in that range...

I never thought I could get higher performance by paying less. Thanks to Absolute, it's possible now!

So please everyone... Let me know if you have some insider information on Absolute. And... also if you have some great product ideas. We could submit them to the management.

OK, here's my product idea for managment. Speakers suffer from itermodulation distortion. It is an enevitable consequence of dynamic drivers. It's also called doppler distortion. If you are not familiar with it imagine a driver playing two notes. A low note with a big excursion and a high note going along for the ride. As the speaker moves towards you playing the low note the frequency of the high note is increased and visa versa. Not good.

So, with this in mind, my new product is itermodulation distortion correction software. It is given your speaker's parameters - crossover points, driver areas, efficiency and listening level. It is then able to take your favorite cds analyze what the distortion componets will be, apply correction signals and burn you a new version tailored for your system. Suggested retail $49.
Why Steve, you are way on to something here! We could even begin adding distortion to SS amps to help create colour.

Really, you, jostler and 702 for all our wars are without getting the last laugh now! It's got to be fun to have me, calling the kettle black with this Absolutely crazy power cord stuff. I've though of you three each time I write something on this topic, knowing the three of you have got to be just shaking your heads. Funny how we come full circle, like how the hell did I get on your side of the fence? Ya know, your grass is really very nice too. J.D.
And yes Steve, Jostler and 702 that was an olive branch if your willing to take it. Thanks for being the brunt of my attacks this past couple months, it was fun. J.D.
Vodka makes my system sound sooooo mellow.....a toast....cheers, Bluenose
Hey..... The Absolute Guys must not like my idea to expand into other markets. They rated my original post a -4!!!