A sha lange the best for the least?

Most of us have heard at one time or another a world class system, you know the systems that run over $50,000. But have you heard or do you own a system costing under $5,000 that comes close to the sound of the mega-buck systems? The price point of $5,000 could mean used since it is available here on gon! Let's see who comes up with the best deal for the least? So then until we meet again the case is sol-ved!
OK, with lots of room for variations: Toshiba sd9200 (~$400,used), Polk Audio XFM receiver (~200, new) with digital out to a Meridian 563 Dac, or AR DAC 5 (~600, both used), with balanced input to an Audio Experience Balanced pre-amp (~1000, new) with balanced connections to a Forte 4A (~650, used) to Martin Logan SL3's (~1500, used) Cables, various (~500, new or used) totals about $4850. Should sound great!