headphne with at least impedance 300 ohm?

Any suggestion on such headphones at around $100?

I have a preamp with headphone connection, but it requires such high impedance headphone.
My headphones are less than 50 ohm.
Would it be better to purchase a headphone amp rather than a new headphone?
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I bought a pair of Sennheiser 580s used for $85 last year. They have 600 ohm impedance and sound marvelous...

akg k240m >300ohms
akg k240s <
Stanton dj pro 60, totally recomended , but have 50ohms or something.
and samson c-que 8 headphome amp, its not benchmark h1 but sounds i can live with it.

i think that more impedance = more resistance = harder for the harmonics.

the best is let your ears decide whats best for you, in a super store.

i like color sound.

also try moddifications, like changing the headphone cable, with belden or gepco, or canare or mogami,.