A novel passive preamp design

Is anyone interested to hear about a passive preamp based on XLR plugs and jacks? It has big pros and big cons, but in some systems, used in certain ways, it might be a winner. I won't take up Forum space by giving details here, but email me if you'd like to hear more.
I'd be interested. Don't be afraid to post. This forum is for learning and discovery, right?
Yes please post anyways- I'm a strong believer in active only under any situation but when I hear someone state such a good comment with open minded pro's and con's etc.- it's got to be a good discussion especially for those who believe in passive.
One is already in production from Audio Synthesis, a British high-end company. I'm using one right now in tamdem with a heavily modified EAR 834P to play vinyl. The product is called Pro-Passion. It has one balanced input and one balanced output; simplicity in the extreme! Let me just tell you that once you've had a taste of what a passive preamp can do - when properly used within its limited parameters - you will shun and despise all active linestages!