6sn7's for the AE-3?

Hello A-goners, Your advise is needed here for I'm in a 6sn7 tube fog. I currently have pairs of rca's, slyvania's,and tungsol's. My best sounding are the sylvania 6sn7wgt's. These are the brown base jan version. Alot has been written about the vt231 and I do have a pair of sylvania's that are the same construction. However to me these tubes don't sound as good as the brown base tubes. That may sound surprising to those of you that own the vt231. I listen to alot of jazz(coltrane, miles etc) and would like your ideas on selections. Thanks to all.
My favorite are the same ones you like. The brown base, short bottle Sylvania 6SN7-WGT.
The Sylvania brown base are very good. The RCA's are probably fairly cheap tubes--I recently replaced a pair with Brimar. Very big improvement. Have not been able to directly compare them with any of the Sylvania's. My guess would be the Brimars are a little more detailed and the Sylvania's a bit smoother.
Thanks everyone for their response. I'm listening to the tungsol's at the moment. Not bad but the sylvania's are still on top. Stay tuned.