6922 tube brands; the best and avarage for my SFL2

I'm looking to upgrade my sonicfrontiers sfl2 with a premium pr of 6922,7308 tubes.I'm not that well inform on the sound of the many NOS tubes avail.
Thanks mike
7308 your best bet.
The best place to start is Joe's Tube Lore in FAQ section of Audio Asylum.
To say that 7308's is your best bet, as a blanket statement, does you a disservice, Hiendmmoe. There is a variety of tonality and quality among the 6dj8, 6922, 7308 family AND variety within each type. In other words, some 6dj8's will sound better then some 7308's. Some 7308's better than some 6922's. Some 6dj8's better than some Cca's, etc. To say 7308's is your best bet is like saying General Motors is your best bet when the range of choices is Vega to Corvette.

Everyone has their particular favorites and, like a lot of other things, some of these tubes are component dependent. Not trying to sound non-committal, but this is a fact. I have heard, though I don't have experience with the SL2, that good, early vintage Seimens 6922 CCa is a good match with this piece. As a quick and informative primer, check out the AA site, click on FAQ, and read Joe's Tube Lore. I don't agree 100% with Joe's ideas but he gives some good information on the variety among and within types.
7308 where offered Valvo I belive as a factory upgrade.
The 7308 family of tubes is a premium build of that family 6DJ8 6922.
NOS 7308 will out perform most 6922 and 6DJ8.Maybee not all but the build specs are much better in the 7308 tube.

I had an Anthem CD-1 that went from good to very good to great.
6922 to start Valvo 7308 then to an Amprex 7308.
I also had an Anthem CD1. I tried Sovtek's but they were
pretty dull however the best one I used are the Mullard
'old stock'."Alternative Audio" in Dundas,Ontario still has
a few left.Sweet tube !!!
I had a pair of RCA tubes in the rear most bank only, with stock Sovteks in the forward 2 banks and was impressed with the sound...more warm and detailed. The Sovtek was vry clinical and harsh IMO in comparison. I have used Amprex and didn't notice much difference between them and the Sovtek. I have tried Siemens and Telefunken in my Amp 2 amp, and really liked the changes they made.

I'm new to tubes, and didn't even know I could use 7308 tubes instead of 6922. Is any1 sure they are interchangable in Sonic Frontiers gear, or is not gear dependant?