5000 watts?

Followed 2 threads for high power amps, today: the EAD Powermaster and the Shoreline 800. The latter, at $125,000, sounds like "a real piano", although maybe only in Italian Restaurants.A few years ago, Bob Carver made those high-power amps, too. The EAD and the Carvers got great reviews, although you seldom hear about them now. Are we all missing something? Does it take 5000 watts? And can I keep my Canary at that end of the room if I get one? And if tenth row, main floor season tickets to Severance Hall cost about $1500, and a limo for each Thursday night about $100, how much music can I get for $125,000? Anybody out there good at math?
You have to factor in the heating bills you'll be lowering if you use the Shoreline, if it's the large tube unit I remember? Then it's more of a bargain.
For $125000 you can buy a new Steinway Concert Grand Piano, so why buy an amp that sounds like one?? Add the Steinway computerized machine that makes it a player piano and your are all set.
I don't think its enough power. Probably lacking in complexity and dimensionality!