5 Watt SET amp and Spendor 2/3 Speakers

Would welcome thoughts on whether a 15 Watt integrated SET amplifier has sufficient power to drive a pair of Spendor 2/3 speakers (88db into a flat 8 ohms) in a 12'x14' listening room?

Many thanks,
I heard a 15 watt set amp driving spendor sp100's and it was more than enough power and sounded glorous to boot.
15 watts is minimum, really for the 2/3; I used an Audio NOte P2SE (single ended pentode, 17 watts) with good results but it was a little lacking during the louder passages of works such as the Ninth Symphony. I would want a solid 20 watts; a nice 845 or 300b push/pull class A amp would work very well.