5 channel interconnects? ac zen

I just bought a Pioneer Elite 05 blu ray player for my theatre setup. Going to an Arcam AVR350 which does not have hdmi.

The Pioneer have 5 and 7 channel outputs, I currently only have a 5 chanel speaker configuration. Any good multi channel interconnects?

Acoustic Zen (I like their Matrix II) has a more budget line ACtion Series shielded 5 and 7 channel interconnect.
These appear to be special order only

Has anyone heard them or any other multi channel interconnect alternatives you would suggest? thanks Tom
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I have the exact same components and I've tried van den hul hybrids, ac matrix iis, and cards cross interconnects. Of the three the van den huls were the best for the job. Also the vdh cables are far more maliable which helps.
I have always liked QED for Audio/Video applications: complete series from aerial to sub (no cords though) for different budgets
(interesting article on hdmi on their webpage)
Try the Parts Connection/MAS ICs.$70/m for a solid-core silver IC with teflon dialectric.Have worked great in my HT set-up.
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Cobalt cables.