4 speakers/2 channels

I recently came across this thread, and it made a lot of sense to me:

I have Anthem MRX 740 and 2 Totem Rainmaker speakers I purchased used on Craigslist. Nice sound. I listen mostly to classical, jazz (don't care so much about movie sound). But if I could get better stereo imaging by adding two speakers...? I'm not going to have the quality of equipment of the OP on the thread above, that's out of my range for now, but I wouldn't mind improving things. The KEF LS50 Meta seems like a possibility, but I'd rather spend $1000 or less for a pair.  Appreciate any recommendations.
I had a surround sound (Mcintosh AVR) with Totem Rainmakers in the front, and KEF 'eggs' for the center and back. When I went back to just stereo, I had for a while the Rainmakers in the front, no center and the rear were the KEFs. Although the sound was room filling with all four on, I found I enjoyed music more with just the front Totems playing. So I think it's really a personal preference thing. I would suggest buying a pair of used speakers, nothing fancy as they are really just for 'fill' and try it out and see if you like it. Or upgrade the Totems (I have moved to Harbeth just FYI), and use the Rainmakers as the rear ones. You may like it as many on that thread state. Worse case, you have now upgraded your front speakers and can sell the Totems. Win Win. All the best to you.