4" Carpenter memory foam behide your speakers ???

I put some 4 inch thick carpenter memory foam on the wall behide my speakers and I'm just AMAZED by the difference I'm hearing now!... The soundstage is so holographic and the sound just wraps around me now...this is highly addictive! Has anyone else tried this yet?
What speakers are you using?
If I may ask, what is carpenter memory foam?
its that foam thats used in many highend pillows for the most comfort for neck pain...foam that is squishy and then returns to its original form. You can get them at most bed,bath and beyond stores also targets and walmarts now carry them. You might be able to buy it in larger sheets.
PS the properties of the material make it hard to hang on the wall as the force of gravity might have a tendancy to deform the material over time.
Schipo-So it is the "Temper-pedic" (sp) bed foam- thank you.
Yes basically that's it. They come in all sizes and also very large style body pillows. I would think that the larger size body type could be made into a very good tube trap.
HiFisoundguy may I ask you to be more specific with your finding. How did you mount them and did you use the memory foam pillows or? How large a foam did you use and placed directly behind speaker or up more towards ceiling.
Ive used in loudspeaker cabinets works fine if design calls for it.
Schipo I got a new memory foam mattress from Tempflow.com...the new King of memory foam mattresses and I used my other (76" by 60" Size carpenter memory foam mattress topper) to cut up and put behide my speakers. I cut some, about the same size as my vintage Sansui sp-5500 Horn speakers and let it (standed them right on the floor at the wall behide my speakers)...I did not hang it on the wall...(from the front of the foam to the back of the speakers) its about 11 1/2 inches on one side of the speaker and about 8 inches on the other side of the same speaker. It stayed right there too without tipping over.
I see so u purchased a whole memory foam mattress and used the memory foam topper to cut. Thats a an idea I will look into this. Thanks for the reply.
Schipo I've only tried this on Horn speakers I don't know what effect it will have on other types of speakers.
You can really get the sound to your liking just by moving the foam a little along the wall....this stuff is a Horn speaker's best friend!...