4 or 6 outlet conditoner for amps/sources

I am looking for a conditoner that does a conditioning job without limiting dynamics. I am looking to plug a tube CD player, a tube preamp, and a pair of monoblocks into it. Can any of you make some suggestions on a recommened product or your experiences with different products/literature? Should I be looking at one box for conditioning or separates for source and separate for amps. Ideally, price should be under 600 USD on used market and offer surge/spike protection as well. THanks for all your input. Dave
Thats a lot to ask for $600. I would do everything else before amps.
Shunyata Hydra 4 does what you're asking. So, do the Brickwall surge protectors http://www.pricewheeler.com/bestprot.htm
The best line conditioning would be dedicated one box per component. Not only do you minimize sharing AC noise such as digital, you would also be able to take full advantage of dedicated circuits/lines.

You might consider the Foundation Research LC-1 and LC-2 passive and dedicated in-line conditioners which also include their own power cable. So if you already have power cables, you can sell those to offset the cost of the LCs. The passive implies that they do not draw any current and with my 600 wpc amp into 4ohm load, I've never felt my presentation was lacking authority or PR&T.

Marty DeWulf rated the LC-1 and LC-2 as the best he's heard in the Aug, 2003 issue of Bound for Sound. That was the old version. Six months ago, I purchased the new versions and I can say that as good as the old versions were, the new versions appear to be multiple times better.

The LCs do not include surge or spike protection, nor would I think you want such a feature as this is usually compromises the sonics (from what I hear).

A new LC-1 (for pre or source) runs about $700 and a new LC-2 is $900. If you can find used ones, I know that Foundation Research will upgrade the old versions for about $50 or $60 each.

I have had excellent results with Richard Gray products - they won't limit dynamics and will protect against surges and spikes - a used 400 MkII should sell for under $600. I found however, that I needed several to isolate components and really get the best performance from them. For the money, you may do better with one of the other conditioners mentioned.
I would also recommend the Richard Gray 400s. Another alternative is the Environmental Potentials EP 2000 residential model which is hard wired into your electrical system. This unit will protect the whole house circuit and can be added to.
Not sure how much conditioning either of these units do, but I've been considering either the BPT Clean Power Center, or the DIY Cable Exodus JR for a similiar set of requirements:

Tube CDP
Active Crossover
SS Amp
Tube Amp

In fact I am interested in opinions on either of these units and am unashamedly using this thread to do so - thanks Canucks0