Power conditoner isolation

Using a fairly thick cutting board for iso,does anyone think that larger peices of wood actually cause more vibration than a smaller board?(materials?)Bamboo as opposed to maples,oak.The smaller peice i have is thicker and bamboo.
No - if anything fewer pieces or a solid piece should be better. Argument being that the bigger piece is less likely to vibrate.

But in my experience once you get to 1 1/2" - 2" thick its a moot point.

In terms of wood, maple is the classic. I personally use myrtle - I figured George Cardas must know a thing or two.

The key is that it is a heavy piece of hardwood - say maple versus a lighter, softer piece like pine... Better form stability too (ie won't warp)

If you look at some of the other classic solutions you'll see the same thing at work. Granite is tremendous for some applications - but I don't like the sound of metal tweaks with it. Black Diamond Racing makes "The Shelf" which is a phenomenally heavy piece of solid carbon fiber - very popular with the platter and turntable crowd.

Certain plastics (can't remember if its lucite or acrylic) when they are 1" or thicker are also rock solid.

Try the bamboo - if you can hear the difference between it and the maple your ears a lot better then mine =)
Thanks ckorody,your response is well taken..appreciate it!!
I've noticed a slight improvement with the 2" maple under power conditioners. The feet make as much difference. I prefer at least two cone type so the PLC doesn't slide when plugging or unplugging cords. Next, I will try the 4" wood. Thorpe Engineering makes a 2" and 4" platform made of Birch Ply which they claim is better than solid wood.
Rilbr - knock yourself out but at the end of the day I think I think that the feet make the bigger difference... or shall I say change the sound more LOL

FWIW Chris at BPT is a big advocate of 1" stainless points to put under his conditioners.