3D Printing And High End Audio

Does 3D printing technology offer any usable advantages in making excellent high end audio more affordable?
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Debatable. 3D Printing could conceivably print circuit traces, but robots already do that and also install components in them. Since the best audio is usually obtained with point-to-point wiring and non-strip-feed components, anything you could do with 3D would probably be more along the lines of consumer audio than the "high-end". 

It's possible that you could build PC boards with embedded resistors and capacitors, along with curved traces of solid silver, but why? You wouldn't be able to replace a component that failed. You'd have to replace the whole board, 

The only thing I can see being 3D printed is perhaps a speaker enclosure. And it would probably be more expensive and not as sturdy as conventional methods. Even casting them out of ceramic or concrete would be better. 

VPI uses 3D printing to produce tonearms.