3 versions of "The Captain and Me" compared

Doobie Brothers – The Captain and Me.
This is an all-time favourite album so I have purchased various versions to find the best sound.
I have compared the Mobile Fidelity SACD, the Friday Music vinyl with the Speakers Corner version. I have used a Rega 3-24 turntable with Garrot Brothers cartridge ($1,500AUD) and a Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD player ($2,500AUD) for the comparisons.
The winner by a mile is Speakers Corner vinyl. It is full rich and deep compared to the others. Speakers Corner have used master analogue tapes, NO digital fiddling and used pure analogue in the cutting process which has delivered richest sound of all.
The Friday Music version is the worst. It lacks bass and depth. They “remaster” digitally and I suspect that is where we are being robbed of all the rich sound.
The Mofi SACD is better than the Friday Music but not as good as the Speakers Corner.
I have played these versions to two other respected friends and they also picked the Speakers Corner as the best by far.
So if you want the full rich fidelity that this album contains get the Speakers Corner version. It is awesome!
I'm partial to the Nautilas 1/2 speed lp. Have not heard the speaker's corner yet. I tend to like vinyl when the original recording is analog.
Has anyone else done comparisons like this and if so what are the results?
.....my apology for not answering your thread, but would like to add that this is truly an amazing album / disc. This music is almost 40 years old.....and one of my personal all-time favorites and definitely an '' island record'' that I would take with me. All I have is the Redbook CD ( did have the album about when it came out ) and wish there was a better CD recording for this one. I will enjoy the music on this one for many more years to come.
Not suprised re: Vinyl / CD comparisons here. I'm reading Neil Young's new book right now and as it points out that in the digital format(CD) the most you can extract from what was recorded in the studio is 15%.That means 85% of the music ain't there. Where is it,it's still on the master tape,and it is mostly warm,smooth,soothing bass.
I think people need to start to realize that digital and the CD medium was forced upon us for one reason and one reason only,to maximize the profit margin of the recording industry.We were duped people.
Also RockPig in your original post you say you played the version to "two respected freinds." Hell next time go with one numbskull and a whacky broad.
Thanks for info ! The Nautilus is also great. I love "What Were Once Wises Are No Habits" too. The US original is the best I have heard. Is there another one ever better ?
This has always been my favourite Doobies album by far. The only version of this album that I've heard is the one I bought back in the 70s and still play  - the original US version. I always felt that it was an above average recording and, good though Speakers Corner records usually are, I doubt that their remaster would beat the original pressing. If anyone has heard both I'd be interested to read your thoughts.