24/96 USB Input

In consideration of an external DAC for my 2-ch sound system, I'm also wanting to have the availability of 24/96 USB input so as to play live recordings that I've created from my home studio setup. Output from my recording interfaces are (as of now) limited to USB or F/W. Will likely be upgrading my interfaces to a single one utilizing additional digital outs, but for now, interested in what may be decent DAC's on the current market for the purposes . . . say in the $1k-1.5K region? In keeping with all else, a DAC that preserves as close to neutral as possible. Not wanting to use an outboard USB:digital interface as I'm seeing good quality ones at $$ and at that additional price, it would simply open up the purchase of a better DAC that includes all.

Sounds like you're describing the Benchmark DAC1 USB to a tee, including the reference to neutrality:


There are lots of comments on it which you can find in previous threads here at Augiogon. Focus on recent threads, because the designs of it and its sister models have evolved over time.

-- Al