2000$ - 7y old speakers - Better speakers today ?

Dear All, changing my 7 years old speakers (monitor audio 12) and budgeting the same amount of money i spent for them at the time (ca 2000 USD); will i get better speakers ??

In other words does speakers technology made big steps in 7 years of time ??
A corollary to this question is: "how does inflation affect the price of audio components?"
This is just the beginning of oodles of feedback. Well, here's my deal. I sold my Thiel CS1.5s (7 years old, too) over the summer. I wound up purchasing the Revel M20s and couldn't be happier. Also, about the same price. I did listen to the new Thiels -1.6s. They were significantly better than the 1.5s.--and about the same price give or take. $2K in speakerdom, will most likely get you more, than it did 7 years ago. How much more? That's in the ear of the beholder...warren
If the application is SACD/DVD-A, one difference might be the speakers' frequency response. Many older speakers were not designed to go above 20 KhZ, in part because that was the limit of Redbook CD's audio reproduction. Now, however, many speakers in your price range go up to 25-30 KhZ to account for high-resolution formats.
Well,,,7 years ago Audiogon probably was not around. Spending $ 2000 on used (or should I say "pre-owned") speakers is more than likely to get you far more bang for the buck. $ 2 K will buy some pretty nice gear on this site!
Speakers get old and break down, other than that their has been no big break threw in speaker design in years. They all move air one way or another. I think the biggest break threw would be lighter,faster drivers.
Tks to anybody sofar...... I am thinking to things like the small Merlin. Do you loose only the bottom end when comparing to their big mate brother VSM ??
Will the small merlin beat my old Monitor audio studio 12 ??
Most speaker advancements have been at the entry level...with the rebirth of the simple 2-way...it is now possible to get a reference quality pair of monitors for 500-$600...such as the Triangle Titus, Paradigm 20,Krix Equinox,Dynaudio 42,etc...which was unthinkable 10yrs ago...in regards to higher end speakers like your Monitors...the improvments have been less dramatic...however...in your range...I would second the Revel m20...