2 related questions

I have a Denon Prepro that I use for my family room system. Lately the sound has been cutting in and out in no discernable pattern. Initially I thought it might be due to heat, but lately it has been happening even after being on for only a few minutes. What is the problem?

If the unit is toast, what is the best prepro around $1000? SQ somewhat important, but no critical listening going on, just TV in 5.1. Durability/Reliability is important because this system is used constantly.
Hi...great system and been a little while. Sounds like perhaps a loose connection, wire, circuit inside that is on the verge of going out? I am no techie. I once found on my analog outs on my old player that just by twisting the RCA outs when i took out the cable or put it back in that the sound on one channel could go out (or come back on perfectly.) Since yours goes out and comes back on its own...some kind of wire loose somewhere? Does it go out during louder passages?

BTW...how did your investigation go with NOS DACs? Did you ever hear the Ypsilon in your system? Just curious, as i still have my Zanden and was interested in your comments about NOS.