Teres related question

I've seen a bunch of discussion about the Teres turntables here and wanted a little advice. I have an old Rega planar 3 with a rb-300 arm. How well would it it work with one of the Teres tables? I like the idea of the Teres tables, but I can't really afford the base table (even the kit 135) and a new arm so using what I have would be nice. Has anyone who reads this forum heard a Rb-300 with one of the Teres tables. I know that the origin live arms are modified rega arms and I know that people like those, but how much do you really lose with the stock rb-300?
Rb-300 would work fine and you would save $$$
Do it. You can always upgrade the arm later if you think you need to.
There are probably more Rega-type arms on Teres turntables than any other brand of arm.

It is a good idea, and will sound fine. Get the VTA adjusting collar. You'll need it.
Like the others said, do it. A Teres 135 is so much better than a P3 your head will swim. If it's still too much $ consider an armless Nott' Horizon for about $1K. Easy to mount a Rega on that too.

You can also upgrade your RB300 with parts from OL, Expressimo, etc. This will take it well above the stock model. I'd suggest a VTA collar first (Expressimo's is best IMO), then a rewire, then an upgraded end stub, then a new counterweight. You can do each of these steps as funds become available. Final performance compared to an OL? I'd ask Twl. :)

If you order a Teres 135, tell Chris Brady you want a 25mm arm hole. If you just say "Rega" he'll drill 24mm and you'll have to ream it out for the VTA collar.
One thing you may want to consider is having your stock RB300 arm rewired with the INCOGNITO kit. You can have it professionally installed for about $150-175. I had mine done at BRIT AUDIO. They advertise on Audigon and Michael is a really nice guy. The difference is amazing. It turns the already fine "300" into a truly superb arm rivaling many that cost a lot more. Good luck.
I'm using a modded 300 on mine. For now. ;)


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