2 "Which Release?" jazz questions

Charlie Haden Nocturne
- the original Verve release
- Japanese export polygram/universal

BILL EVANS - The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings
- riverside remaster
- JVC import

If anyone has heard a pair of these releases...

and can comment on the audio quality of the recording

( i know the music is great... i just don't want to buy both :-) )
JVC imports have never disappointed me and my JVC "Sunday Afternoon at the Village Vanguard" compares well against all the different lp and remastered CD versions of Evan's classic Village Vanguard releases. Essentially, all the JVC CD's I've heard regardless the artist or musical style, sound more realistic - more sonic depth, better soundstage, longer sonic decays of notes, slightly more "there" than most editions or formats of the same release. Sorry no experience with Hayden or the two options you're asking about. Happy listening.
that's okay

that's at least enough of a direction to spend $60 instead of #23 for the Bill Evans set...

A number of Bill Evans CDs have recently been re-issued in Japan. These are DSD re-mastered in the SHM-CD series. I have purchased "Waltz for Debbie" and "Portrait in Jazz" and IMHO they sound superb. I am ordering "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" soon.
My suggestion is to try one to see if you agree and let us know what you think.