2 meter long Din to RCA tonearm cable ???? Can I??

I have a need to use a approx. 6ft+(2 meter) tonearm cable. Straight DIN to RCA's. Audioquest arm, Clearaudio Beta MKII MM cartidge, McIntosh preamp phono section. Obviously worried about loss, interference etc...

Mcintosh Phono section. 47 Ohm and 65 pf capacitance
Clearaudion Beta MKII MM cartridge. Load resistance 47 ohm and Load capacitance 100 pf.

Are these what I am looking for ? Can you advise what I need to know next ?

Can I do 2 meters ? I am looking at checking with the following people to have it made. I have done some DIY, but figured to leave this one to the pro's. Looking at something cost effective, but good. I was going to call Monday- Discovery, DIY Cable Inc(using all Cardas stuff), Signal, Wasatch, and Guerrilla for advice, and see what they say(or actually know. They all seem to have a grip on the cable needed on their sites.

Thanks, Wayne
Dear Wayne: Yes, you can only check that that cable has a low capacitance type.

regards and enjoy the music.
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Take a look at the Van de Hul tonearm cables.
Thanks, can you tell me what would be considered low capacitance. They are over the place.