2 Channel System - Image behind my head

Anyone else hear this? I am listening to "Sympathy for the Devil" on the 40 licks compilation, and the paino on this track is from behind my right ear!!! It is so strongly localized behind me that it is unnerving.

Has anyone else experienced this from this or any other track?
Sounds like out of phase info., Isn't Amused to Death (Roger Waters) recorded in this way also?

I figured it had to do with the phase, but how could that work? It is only in one channel? Out of absolute phase only? Or is there some of the image in the left channel? My speakers usually image a couple of feet outside their position, but this is different.
the album may have been mastered out of phase, not an uncommon occurance.
Look at the album credits and see who mixed the sessions. Contact that person via e-mail and ask them about what you hear. It may take a few days for a response, but most engineers love talking about how they achieved specific effects.
Definitely sounds like one channel is out of phase. But before you correct it, you might want to have a listen to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon just for a little fun.

I'd agree that the most likely cause of this effect is speaker phasing, but it's also possible that you are getting an acoustic anomaly in your listening room. Years ago, the audio club that I attended met in a local church that has an oddly shaped room with rather odd acoustics (probably due to room shape). The club's speakers were Acoustat 8's (electrostatics), and with certain recordings the left channel seemed to be coming from the left rear corner of the room. If you are only getting the "imaging from behind your head" phenomenon with this single recording, I'd attribute it to the a phasing problem on the recording. If it occurs with more than one recording, then you might try some room treatment, or slightly changing the position(s) of the speakers.
I only get it on this recording. I have also heard it somewhat on Dark side of the moon. My system is very simple, If it is out of phase, than it must be internal. Most recordings on my system have pinpoint imaging, so I tend to think it is recording specific.
their satanic majesties' request has a lot of similar effects, esp. 2000 man, in another land and gomper. i am pretty sure these effects were intentionally produced
in the studio.
I have a pair of Sonus Faber Extremas, and when set up right, they image behind you. Not every album but quite a bit. I have been told by many that it isnt possible but they fill the room with sound.

I have heard it in the show room where I bought them and three different rooms that I have had them set up in.