2 Channel or 5 Channel- Dynaudio Confidence 5

I am in the process of building a budget system but am not sure where to go with it. This is a dedicated room measuring 23' x 17'. Unfortunately my better half is making me place the stereo system and display on the side wall. Video on the other wall would block the only two windows in the room.

I am stuck between going 2 channel or 5 channel. I can't make up my mind. The constant is that I just picked up a used pair of Dynaudio Confidence 5's. I don't want to sacrafice performance too much with the Arcam vs. a stereo pream/ monoblock combination. Also, multi channel requires man more items to purchase and I am concerned it wil greatly water doen the quality of products my budget allows for.

Here are some components I own. I am not opposed to scrapping most of this and starting over. Many of these items will be sold to fund the new system and leftover items will be placed into a family room system.

- Parasound A51
- Onkyo 886
- BG-R320
- BG- R600
- Amphion Argon 2
- Running Springs Conditioner
- Dynaudio Confidence 5
- James EMB 1000
- Synergistic Interconnects
- Synergistic Speaker Cable
- Power Cables
- HDMI Cables
- B&W 605 Sub
- B&W 603
- B&W Center

Here are some I am interested in:

2 Channel Sysyem:
- Parasound JC1
- Parasound JC2
- Paradigm Studio 12 sub
- Source ??? $1000-$1500

Multi Channel:
- Arcam AV888
- Paradigm Studio 12 sub
- BG R-320 rear
- Pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.8 Bi-amped as a center channel.
- Source ???

Salamander Wenge 3 cabinet or Salamander Synergy Quad

Display options are:

- Epson 9500 Projector w/ SI screen or
- Panasonic 65 PF12 pro series

Any guidance would be great because the decision is killing me.

I had a 5-channel Dynaudio setup. Good tired of fooling around with all the settings. Went back to strictly 2-channel. Even when occasionally watching a movie on the 2-channel system (it has an LCD display that I use for music videos and concerts), I find the sound more than adequate.

My 2-channels plus stereo subs in many, many ways is far superior to the 5.1 system I have in my TV room because of the quality differential between the 2 setups. Exactly the problem you mention.

Any way, I have now concluded that it is much better to take your budget and divide it up into 2 channels than 5 channels.
Bigbucks5 nailed it. Been there... done that... 2 channel is the way to go.
I have 2 pair of bg r320 pulled from client after a few months when his designer decided they wanted to hang art and buy floor standers. They are mint condition but might have a dab of white paint at edges I can try to remove (or you can paint over if you install.) They were installed in brand new home and then removed. If you want a pair for rears, they are not doing me any good. I am the original dealer.