Suggestion of Amplifier for Dynaudio Confidence C4

I have just bought Dynaudio Confidence C4, but am still looking for suitable amplifier for them. I read from Stereomojo that Hephaestus Audio HMA-1000 is their product of the year and they highly recommend it. Since this amplifier output 600W into 8 ohms and 1000W into 4 ohms, I guess it maybe pair with dynaudio well.

Could anybody give me any suggestion please? Thank a lot.
I'm a c1 owner, and I owned also audience 52se, focus 140, contour s3.4. Dynaudio speakers are extremly clean, so don't hoke them on a clean amp. it's better to use a hybrid.
There are amps. with lot's of power for sale, I use a pathos cinemax in stereo mode(2x 700watt), the sound of the dyns is not changed but they are a bit warmer sounding, that's the only thing they need.
Don't use a fully tube amp.
greetings from Holland.
I was recently impressed by the C1's paired with Gamut D200 monoblock amplification. I'd heard great things about the Gamut line prior. To me the Gamuts sounded agile, smooth and musical - no solid state edge at all. May be worth checking into.
Thank you very much, Klappertjedundas and Peter. I am from Beijing China. It is not easy for me to try and listen to demos, for there are only a few distributors for audiophile equipments here.

I will look into pathos and Gamut. I also am interested in Luxman m800a and got an email from Audiofeil who mentioned luxman pairing with Dynaudio as well.

Wondering if anybody could comment on luxman, please.

Hello Shengyuan,

The HMA-1000 features the control of a solid state amplifier and the warmth of a tube amplifier. This should make it a good match for the Dynaudio Confidence C4.

Also, the low impedance of the C4 from about 70Hz to 400Hz will really benefit from the strong 4ohm capability of the HMA-1000. Music has a lot of power in this range.

Shipping is free and there is a 90 day no question asked return policy, so please let me know if you are interested!

Best Regards,

Joey White
Hephaestus Audio
I use to have C4's and best amp I used with them was Gryphon Antileon (which I still have)
I own a C2 and I have matched several different amps, but I've settled with Pass Labs XA-160.

I would say that Pass Labs XA series is one of the matching amp for Dynaudio Confidence series. In my opinion Pass amps give more base to Dynaudio and still keeps the exterme clarity.
I am using the C4's with a Musical Fidelity KW550. Source Modwright Transporter. All cables topline of Hidiamond. All fuses by HD. All contacts treated with Deoxit. Subwoofer REL Studio III from 24Hz down till 12Hz (in my very large room). Breathtaking. Lifelike. You can almost touch the singers. Or smell the cigars and whisky on old life Ben Webster recordings ;-))
With the current prices for a (modified) KW550 you cannot go wrong. Or resell the amp easily. Enjoy!
I really appreciate the ideas you gave me. It is not an easy job to get the best sound possible as well as the budget is satisfactory.

Thank you all.

I've run Parasound Jc-1s for seven years now with C4s. Pass labs XA.5 series also synergizes well with these Dyns, models 100.5 and above.
I agree with Rost. I've got Parasound JC-1s with my C1s. They synergize wonderfully with the Confidence line. 25 watts of Class A power into 8 ohms and 400 watts of Class AB power into 8 ohms. The amps are quite warm, though, when you run them in high bias mode, so you won't need a heater in the room with two of these amplifiers running. Dynaudio's National Marketing guy in the U.S. highly recommends the JC-1s for the Confidence line. Michael Fremer did a nice review of them in Stereophile that's available on the internet. I would have to say his review is very accurate.
I heard these speakers being driven by a Sim Moon 600i integrated amp. The room was huge and the C4's, sounded very impressive and the Moon IA had great control over the speaker regardless of volume. 
I have a pair of C1's, for the last 18 months they have been driven by a Cary 280 V12 R, great tube amp, runs hot as hell though (and I live in Texas). Sounded great, but I always thought the speakers wanted more power. On a whim i purchased a Bel Canto S300 Class D, plenty of power, speakers love the amp....but I missed the Cary and Tube 'sound'. Liking that Class D run cool, last week I acquired a Spectron Musician III MK 2 with upgrades and a pair of the 'remote sense' cables. I researched this amp extensively, pretty much all rave reviews..then again not many people complain about an amp that have purchased! Anyway, it's in my system (pre-amp is a Vac Signature Mk11a, source is a MS Rx5000 and a Cary CD303)...all i can say is WOW....what can amp and the Dynaudio's absolutely sing with it.

Octave pairs with Dyns really well, as they have some affiliation with each other.