2 channel high end disscussion

Despite the flames and abundance of naysayers ,Audio review's general discussion is crowded with low fi and home theater and one has to weed through many posts to find general topics for the 2 channel hifi audio enthusiast. At A.R.,there is no specific concern for those of us who are discriminating and appreciate better sound,whether entry level separates or reference components.I have made multiple requests at A.R. ,to add a general hifi section there and have gotten no concerns or answers.I see the beginning of what has recently happened to A.R., starting right here ,as the low fi and h.t.crowd are discovering this site, and it would be a greatly appreciated addition to have our own dedicated section to help make an already great site come full circle in considering this great need.Yes ,all the other sections are greatly appreciated here and an added General hi end section would be a breathe of fresh air to not feel crowded out and for once and all have a safe haven.
I agree. Audio Review is a waste of time as it is full of people that put down products they have never heard, on the basis of seeing the spec sheets. I have no such problem with those who are new to audio that have open minds and are prepared to listen for themselves.
2 channel is the only wat to go. Let's keep it that way. In my opinion a well put together 2 channel system works well for both audio and home theater. And let's keep the low-fi off the site. There's plenty of sites for that.
HERE HERE! And dito! they need to go to circuit city and ask these questions. We want quality discussions and a quality sight. But then again we all had to start somewhere. But weeding through this stuff is frustrating. And hometheater has it's merits but plain stereo will blow it away in all areas if done right. I heard a $60,000 surround set up that sounded amazing but was easily beat out by a $30,000 stereo system! (MIT, Avalon, spectral) lasers from return of the jedi would start from behind me and fire through to the front of me. I was enveloped in the forest. birds would sing behind me and to the left or right. the ambience of the forest completely surrounded me. It was amazing. And the tonality was way better than any home theater could touch. And your not always frustated with how they mixed all the dang channels. (my $16,000 system does all the above just not to that extent)Yes people put a lot of crappy 2 channel systems together but if they could here the truely great and well thought out ones then home theater would be a much smaller market. And they would be much happier and content(I am). Anyways we have a nitche and haven and would like to keep it. And it would truely help new ones and converts if there is a distinguishable line and they have an easily found family of 2 channel enthusiasts to become a part of.
We are in the process of revamping our discussion forums, to separate the topics into more categories. The goal is not to complicate things, but to allow each member to browse topics of interest to them in particular. The Audiogon in general does specialize in 2 channel high end audio, but I suppose we can't kick people out for wanting to talk about home theater... The suggestion for a dedicated 2ch high end audio discussion board has been noted, and we will consider this as we restructure the forums here. Thanks for the feedback everyone, and keep it coming !!!
I have to agree here. My spouse and I have been into our stereo since we started in germany from the mid 70's. So when it's time to listen we head down to the basement and crank 'em up...so as not to offend the neighbors. Love to read the stereo discussions, responses, opinions, advice, and even the wise cracks. We are also getting back into the vinyl...have some awesome albums we haven't heard in a while. Great site.
In response to Kazk I do both ht&2cnl.got 75/80 thou on my living room floor around 50 tubes are glowing for ss.23 for 2chn'l Jadis.Music reference9 mk 2 Cat mk 3 Aerial 10t's & center ch,etc My amps are out on the floof No 25/30 ft.runs of cable or speaker wire Movies are just better using dvds.Many cds I buy are muscic I hear from movies.no sub. I'm not into explosions.Ever see the photo of Fabio's system?to bad all that $$$ If he want electrostasics should have gone to a Soundlab dealer And the list of some of the pieces he was using ---mid fi at best.Still impressive,and a room size to die for.Need to win that 30 mil lottery Anybody who knows me knows it would all go t'ward a decent upgrade and start getting serious about A & V gear,but 2 chnl stuff do come first. there are some of us who"DO"both
It's good to see there is interest in maintaining a high-end 2-channel discussion area. As someone fairly new to the high-end audio world I've found this site to be extremely helpful for locating equipment, learning about room setup, getting input on matching equipment and more. That information was not always easily found elsewhere, either because of various sites "chat" orientation (like Audio Review) or outright snobbery (as with certain newsgroups). The regulars here have been more than available and helpful which is a very good thing. It'd be nice to see that continue. BTW, an alternative to setting up a new group for the 2-channnel enthusiasts would be creating a new listing specifically for the home theatre types. It'd cause less confusion in the long run.
That's HIGH-END, gentlemen, not, high end. Does anybody notice all the wrong spelling at this site. Why bother to go to school? we kood maak up woords and spel them any whay wee want, kooll. Dictionarys, we don't need no stinking dictionarys
To: LIHIFIGUY, In Re your recent response. It's hi-fi, not hifi. Thank you.
I agree with Merle about spelling and syntax. If you can't spell or are too lazy to care how you appear in print, then I for one will not take anything you have to say very seriously. Maybe my attitude is superficial but I think there is no excuse for shabbiness. How you appear in print goes a long way toward your opinion being taken seriously. A mistake here and there is not what I'm talking about...I'm referring to a total lack of punctuation and disregard for correct spelling. Some of you people really appear to be morons, but I doubt you are...it just looks that way. No offense is meant to anybody in particular, I just feel better for having pointed this out. Thanks
You must remember that english is not everybody's first language.
Talk about snobs. In my 62 years I have learned. I'm still learning.The garbage collector,or whomever, knows things some of us don't know.With this attitude your potential for learning is diminished. People who may not dress, speak,or spell up to certain people's expiations still have the same hobby.This is an open forum,and not a perfect world.We are all here for the same hobby.I hope you don't accept an opinion because it was presented with proper spelling;or the reverse. Can't we all get along?
if we weed out the HTer's and the people who can't spell will we have anybody left to chat with?