160Hegel and DNLA . . .

In January I bought a Hegel H360 integrated amp. I was drawn to it because of its specs--especially the DLNA connectivity. Over the last (almost) year, I have enjoyed the quality of the sound and the elegance of the design, but the amp has regularly disconnected from the network. In recent weeks, it has gotten worse. I've reached out to Hegel and they are complexed, as am I.

Can any of you H160 or H360 users experienced this problem, too? Or have any other DLNA network folks seen anything like this, too? Thanks in advance.

I have talked about a possible design flaw in Hegel amplifiers in other threads. I received verbal abuse from Hegel. It seems like your case is muted confirmation of my earlier observations. You are fortunate their response to you was benign.
Playing spotify off my laptop sometimes the usb connection will cause a momentary dropout but otherwise so far so good.
Never had an Ethernet issue or AirPlay as it was used daily for at least a year. This really surprises me to be honest. Sorry to hear nonetheless.
I have an H160, and have only ever experienced loss of connection when two programs are vying for the amp's attention (Audrivana vs. iTunes). The connectivity via Airplay has been flawless, while Audrivana is a bit more finicky over the network.

Hope you get to the bottom of the connectivity issues. Good luck!
Thanks for everyone's comments. I'm working with my Hegel dealer to get this resolved. All signs point to a problem with the unit. I hope to get another one soon--to verify.

I will report back with any news.

I had similar problems with connectivity problems and discovered my Linksys router was sometimes dropping packets resulting in signal drops (it was a know problem with no immediate solution).  I do not know if the connectivity problem is your Hegel 160 unit or something else.  I suggest you check your router and confirm it is working okay.  I replaced my Linksys router with the Apple Airport Extreme Router and everything worked fine.

Several months ago, my Aurender N10 Server was occasionally  dropping its Internet signal and then everything stopped working.  I had no Internet connection.   I called my ISP who determined the signal coming into my house was not in the correct range and a service technician was required to make repairs.  Please see this link for the details:


As I describe above, the Service Technician replaced the junction box on my street (all my neighbors were also impacted) and replaced the cable connectors on my inside cables and also on my outside wall box.  Everything is working okay now.

Yes, the problem could be with your Hegel 160 but I suggest you also review the items above to help you solve this problem.  Please keep us posted.      

Thanks @hgeifgman, but I've already tried three routers. In addition, I have no problems streaming to my Sonos and AppleTV--both of which also use DLNA.

I do love the H360 and I'm trying everything I can think of to keep it--or another one just like it. :)

Since you already replaced 3 routers and your other devices (Sonos and AppleTV) are working, it sounds like a Hegel 360 issue.  

Your plan to get another Hegel 360 from your Retailer sounds like the right plan.  
Here's an update for everyone. Hegel has acknowledged that my H360 has a networking problem. I returned it to the dealer yesterday. He will either repair or replace. I'll post more when I know more.
As promised, here's the update on this issue . . .

Hegel replaced the networking card in my H360 (I don't know how the title of this thread got changed to H160) in December. My dealer handled everything. As far as I know, Hegel was very responsive--sending the part to my dealer quickly and at no cost to him or me.

Like many, I have read threads on this forum where some owners were not satisfied with Hegel's support. Put me in the Satisfied column.

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