12 Volt Trigger to Turn on Amps

Anyone know of a stand-alone device to power up amps remotely by use of the 12 volt trigger inputs? I have Parasound JC-1s and would like to use a remote to turn them on-- but my pre-amp does not have 12 volt trigger outputs. I would love to find a little device that uses a remote to fire 12 volt triggers and use this for my amps-- thereby being able to turn them on last and turn them off first when powering up my system. I could by a used pre-amp that has remote functionality and a 12 volt output, and just use it to have remote control of the 12 volt trigger out, but it seems to be a waste to buy a pre-amp just for that.
it is not difficult to make it by yourself or to be made by somebody who has some experience with electronics ...It is also not a very expencive exercise ...
check out products by Niles Audio--they have such units (can either use DC or line level signal to trigger); I purchased one some years back, but don't have the model #, etc. readily available.
Thanks for the information. I checked into Niles per your suggestion Rrsclyde, and they make something called the CS12V, which is a device that activates a 12 volt trigger output when it senses current. So I could plug my CD player, for example, into the CS12V, which in turn is plugged into a wall outlet, and when the CD player turns on, the CS12V senses it and then fires the 12 volt trigger, which can be set for a delay.

My alternative would be to get (for about $200-$275) a Parasound Ztuner, which is a little AM FM tuner that has a remote and a 12 volt trigger. I could theoretically make use of the tuner on occasion but use it primarily for the on/off control of my amps.

Thanks for the help.
That's it; I have one around somewhere but haven't located it. Glad I could help.