dc trigger question

Hi there,

I have a question regarding auto power-on using a 12vdc trigger. I am having a hard time finding a proper device to power on/off my home stereo power amp using the switched AC outlet in the back of my stereo preamp.

Basically, the power amp can be powered on/off remotely using the common 12vdc trigger. However, the max. rated input is only 30ma. I can find ac/dc power converters at 12V, however, their ratings are much too high, usually around 300ma. Can you tell me if there is such a device that will allow me to use the dc trigger on my preamp?
The power amp rating is telling you that it requires no more than 30mA. The converter rating is telling you that it can deliver anything required up to a maximum of 300mA.

As long as the converter rating is greater than the demands of the power amp (as you describe) then it will be fine.

Be sure to observe proper polarity or you may get smoke.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your response. I was hoping for that answer. THANKS very much. I love audiogon!