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How does Pass Aleph 1.2 compare to McIntosh?
Go with the Aleph. They are stunning. I've listened to all the Mac amps at the local Mac dealer, they absolutely pale in comparison to the Aleph series. IMHO the Pass Aleph amps are some of the very best SS amps ever made. 
Amp advice for Avantegarde HELP
I had a pair of Uno's. Tried many tube amps. Finally settled on a Pass Aleph 3. I know it sounds crazy, but it sounded incredible. 
Other Hobbies?
Perhaps answering threads in a rude and smart-mouthed way could be defined as a hobby. What do you think Corn? 
How do you cope with dust build up ?
I also use room air purifiers. But the best way to keep the dust build-up away is the day before the cleaning lady comes, I take a small air compresor into the room and blow the hell out of every component. It moves the dust to places where it can... 
If you won powerball and could purchase the best
I'd hire my favorite bands to come play at my estate. 
System building -budget $15,000
You're Welcome. 
System building -budget $15,000
I'm sorry. I thought that you were talking about the best system for the money, not the best new system. I bought my son a 1996 NSX. New would have been $80,000. For what I spent on the used NSX, the best that I could have bought for the same mone... 
System building -budget $15,000
B&W Nautilus 802's $5700Krell FPB 300Cx $4700Cardas Golden Reference bi-wire speaker cables and interconnects $1700 _______TOTAL $12100That leaves $2900 for a cd player and dac.Excellent system, all bought used here on Audiogon. If he doesn't... 
B&w n802
Is this strictly a home theater system or are you integrating a two channel system into the theater? 
Best subwoofer for 2 channel Hi End system
I have Avantgarde Uno's with an Aleph 3. I use a Talon Roc sub to help with the bass. Very musical and very fast. You can buy one used on Audiogon for less than $1500. At that price point, it would be hard to beat. 
Pass Alep2
If you have to have 250 watts, the X250 is good. If you can drive your speakers with 100 watts, the Aleph 2's are leaps and bounds better. If you don't believe me, just call Pass Labs and ask them what they think. Did you read my post above about ... 
Pass Alep2
I have a 3. I called Pass to ask them that very question and was told not to worry about it. They said that I would know when it needed to be sent to them, I would hear the difference and it should be several more years. 
Pass Alep2
Pass Labs kept a pair of Aleph 2's. They compare all of their new products to the Aleph 2 sound. That says it all. 
Pass amps with Avantgarde duos?
I had the same problem with my Uno's. Tubes sounded great but were a pain. I have THE answer. Aleph 3 (not 30). Avantgardes website used to have a few recommended amps on their website. The Aleph 3 was the only SS amp listed. This amp has cult sta... 
Best Upgrade?
I just added a BPT 3.5 Signature to my system. I do have a 20 amp dedicated line with hospital grade plugs. It is without doubt, the most incredible update that I have EVER done. I am just stunned at the difference in the sound. The suggestion abo...